On Demand Data Driven Workouts

Spellman Performance is the leader in individualized speed programs for youth, high school, college and professional athletes. Les Spellman has developed a data driven algorithm, allowing him to gain insight into your ground reaction force and overall velocity, build an individual profile that identifies your peak force & velocity, and then create your technical model to improve your ground reaction force both horizontally and vertically.

Faster 40

Improve your ground reaction force both horizontally and vertically.

Horizontal power is key to better acceleration and improved velocity.

Decrease Risk of Injury

Improve your efficiency, making your body exert power at the right times.

Individualized Workouts

Customized workouts based on 10+ years of our historic data.

Performance Leaderboards

Compete against the top athletes across the world.

S3 Diagnostics

Receive your technical model by completing your 40yd dash.

Increase Horizontal Power

Who Has Trained With Spellman Performance?

Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback

Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Aja Evans

USA Bobsled

Carlin Isles

USA Olympian

Kayla Lawson

USA Rugby

Alex Bachman

New York Giants Wide Receiver 


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Speed Development Workouts at Your Fingertips

Les Spellman has helped thousands of athletes improve their speed, including 100+ NFL athletes, 50+ Olympians, and 2 Heisman Trophy winners. We believe speed wins, and our team is dedicated to helping you increase your speed through our data driven philosophy. 

What Are App Users Saying?

"The Future of Speed Training. Helpful videos explaining each exercise and easy to navigate. Can't wait to see my results!"

"Exceptional. Very informative for speed training and acceleration. App is very simplistic, making hands-on control very easy."

"Love this app!!! Great instructional videos to help you understand each exercise. Super easy to navigate through app."

Sammy Paranada

Dylan Joven

Izzy McMahon




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