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Group Training

Speed League


Improving your speed is hard. 

We provide daily drill techniques and 

mechanics to make it easy. 

You don't want to be last this season. 

Compete with athletes around the world 

to understand where you rank.

Our camps are world class. 

Each athlete leaves with a speed profile of what thye need to work on to get faster. 

Who Has Improved With Spellman Performance?

Trevor LawrenceJacksonville Jaguars

Catarina MacarioUSA Soccer 

Alysah HickeyOregon Track & Field

Zach WilsonNew York Jets

Elizabeth Eddy
NJ/NY Gotham FC

Trey LanceSan Francisco 49ers

Jordan LuplowCleveland Indians

Tyler GaffneyNew England Patriots

Imagine How Good You'd Be If You Did It Every Day

Learn the foundational speed drills

Improve your sprinting form and technique

Improve your speed in just 4-8 weeks

A proven program to improve your speed

How Fast Are You? Join Every Week To Find Out

Compete every week with different events

Compete against athletes your age around the world

Watch your speed improve over time

No competition. No progress.

Experience World Class Training In Just One Day

Learn fundamental sprinting mechanics

Master the essential speed drills

Understand each sprint phase

Learn how to effective change directions

Learn. Apply. Improve.

Don't Know Where To Start?




Speed League



Attend one of our weekly Speed League events to see where you rank and how you improve.

Register for one of our Camps to learn the mechanics and drills behind sprinting.

Join our training sessions to implement the drills on a daily basis to improve your speed.

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