Learn how to build a speed training system

There are fast athletes everywhere, but developing them can be a challenge.

Transform how you coach speed.


Les Spellman

How To Build A Speed Training System is a 6-module comprehensive course for coaches who want to be confident in how they develop speed with their athletes. 
You will receive access to one module every week for 6 weeks after purchasing the course.

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Course Outline

Week 1: Profile & Assessment

  • Sprint profiling technology solutions
  • Range of motion testing and movement assessments
  • A process to teach large and small groups
  • Analyzing the profile and communicating to athletes


Week 2: Video Kinematics

  • How to set up and process video reports
  • Establish KPIs to measure and improve 
  • Physical vs technical changes based on video
  • Understand when and when not to use video

Week 3: Drills & Interventions

  • Utilize the athlete profile to assign drills
  • Integrate plyometrics into your weekly programming
  • Create training menus and visuals for easy digestion
  • Outline modalities for low & high budgets

Week 4: Planning & Periodization

  • How to optimize field and weight room sessions
  • In-depth analysis of vertical integration
  • Organize offseason protocols & what volumes/intensities to hit
  • When to test and what to measure

Week 5: Combine (Event) Preparation

  • Technical vs physiological changes
  • Using data to drive performance, video, kinematics
  • Building a plan and tracking KPIs
  • Problem solving weekly obstacles 

Week 6: Injury Risk Mitigation

  • How to complete an injury risk assessment
  • Programming to mitigate injury risk
  • Training to mitigate injury risk
  • Injury risk mitigation based on sport

Meet Your Coach

Les Spellman

Founder Of Spellman Performance

Les is one of America's top speed performance coaches - training 500+ professional athletes, Olympians, NCAA athletes, plus emerging high school and youth level kids across a variety of sports. Most recently, Les and Spellman Performance trained 35+ athletes for the 2022 NFL Combine. 

Key Outcomes

Learn the system that will save you time and money.  

Learn how to use data to become confident with your coaching. 

My goal? Give you the roadmap to help your athletes play at the next level. 

Have a framework that works with all group sizes and athlete levels.

See how one framework can be implemented with all types of athletes. 

My goal? For you to stop having to "create from scratch." 

Take complex concepts and easily articulate them to your athletes. 

Too much data can be exhausting, so we make sure to point out KPIs. 

My goal? You know what to consistently look for with your athletes. 

Immediate Application

Theory only goes so far, you need a step-by-step plan. 

My goal? You are able to apply this system right after completing the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I gain access to How To Build A Speed Training System?

You will gain immediate access to module 1 after purchasing. Then, you will receive access to each additional module one week at a time. 

How long will I have access to How To Build A Speed Training System?

Once you buy the course, you will have lifetime access. This allows you to reference each module and video whenever you'd like by logging into your account. 

What is the difference between Art Of Acceleration and How To Build A Speed Training System?

There are multiple, but the main difference is what each course focuses on. Art Of Acceleration provides you with a guide to build an acceleration-based program, while How To Build A Speed Training System dives deeper into the complete system and strategies of training speed. 

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